Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What does UMC Stand For?

    "UMC" stands for United Methodist Church.  We are proud to be part of the United Methodist Church global denomination.

  • What does the United Methodist Church Stand for?

    Visit this link to find out what we believe in.  This covers a range of questions from Social Issues to beliefs about worship.

  • Do you serve communion?

    Communion is served the first Sunday of the month. All are welcome to eat at God’s table. Once the pastor has blessed the bread and grape juice, ushers release the congregation by row to go forward and take part.

  • What is your dress code?

    We have a casual dress code.  There is no specific attire required to attend our services.  Some members wear dress clothes such as suits and ties and others are more casual wearing jeans.  Whatever you decide to wear you should fit right in.

  • Are there activities for our children?

    Yes!  Every Sunday we have a children's specific Sunday School class that run concurrent to the adult classes.  For Worship services the children can attend for the first 1/2 and are invited to attend our "Children's Church" service that starts right before the Pastoral Sermon.  Finally, on Sunday evenings there is our Youth Program meeting which starts at 6:00 PM.  This last about 2 hours and dinner is provided.

  • I have a question that was not answered here

    Simply call our office at 877-4555 or feel free to fill out our contact form and our pastor will get back to you right away!